Florida Man Birthday March 4

LEHIGH ACRES, FLORIDA — A Florida man has been accused of jumping naked on his neighbor’s trampoline and breaking into his home naked, officials said.

A 21-year-old man, Adrian Lee Gonzalez-Bradway, was arrested Wednesday for theft that caused more than $200 in damage, according to Lee County Sheriff’s Office records. No bail has been set for Gonzalez-Bradway.

According to WBBH, Gonzalez-Bradway walked into his Lehigh Acres neighbor’s house naked on Tuesday. The woman asked Gonzalez-Bradway if she needed anything, but Gonzalez-Bradway didn’t answer. Thirty minutes later, Gonzalez-Bradway was jumping naked on the trampoline in the garden of the house.

When the landlady saw Gonzalez-Bradway heading towards her, she called 911 for help. According to the Sheriff’s Office statement, Gonzalez-Bradway wanted to break into the house. The man who could not enter the house broke the kitchen window.

The woman, taking her two children and a niece with her, got into her car and locked the doors. Lee County Sheriff’s deputies who arrived at the scene caught and arrested Gonzalez-Bradway.

Another Incident On March 4

Florida Man Arrested After Fight About Tupac Shakur

Who are the famous March 4 birthdays?

Emilio Estefan, Cuban-American drummer and producer
1955 Joey Jones, Welsh footballer and manager
Paul W. S. Anderson, English director, producer, and screenwriter
1968 Giovanni Carrara, Venezuelan baseball player
1968 Patsy Kensit, English actress and singer
Vic Wunderle, American archer
1981 Helen Wyman, English cyclist
1991 Stuart O’Keefe, English footballer
Bernd Leno, German footballer

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