Florida Man Birthday Challenge February 24

In Florida, the dog named Diese was accused of shooting a woman with a pistol.

The boyfriend of the woman, who was shot in the leg, made a statement to the sheriff officials who came home and denounced his dog Diesel.

The man named Brian Murphy told the sheriff’s deputies that his girlfriend was asleep when he took his dog Diesel for a walk. Continuing his statements, the man said that he heard a noise when he returned home.

Murphy said Diesel jumped onto the nightstand accidentally fired the gun. The woman, who was injured while sleeping, stated that she woke up with pain.

According to the information obtained, the man and his girlfriend did not want to talk about the incident. In the report prepared by the police, no information was found about the breed and physical characteristics of Diesel.

Speaking to the news station, local resident Dianna Fay said, “How would a dog fire a gun? Really crazy!”

Another Incident On February 24:

Florida Couple Arrested After Having Sex In Rear Of Police Squad Car

Who are the famous February 24 birthdays?

Chester W. Nimitz, American admiral (d. 1966)
1931 Brian Close, English cricketer and coach (d. 2015)
1932 Brenda Maddox, American journalist and author
1940 Denis Law, Scottish footballer and sportscaster
1956 Judith Butler, American philosopher, theorist, and author
Jeff Garcia, American football player and coach
1973 Alexei Kovalev, Russian ice hockey player and pilot
1977 Jay Kenneth Johnson, American actor
Mohammad Sami, Pakistani cricketer

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