Florida Man Birthday May 20

A man wearing a pink bra and 20 tattoos has been arrested in Florida.

According to the police statement, the man, who was driving erratically in traffic, was found in a hotel parking lot as a result of police pursuit. The man was wearing unusual clothes.

According to the police report reached by The Smoke Gun, 30-year-old Buford Carroll was wearing a white shirt and a pink bra inside. Carroll was found in this condition in a hotel parking lot.

It turned out that Carroll smelled of alcohol and his driver’s license was grounded. It was explained that the reason for Carll’s license to be suspended was due to driving a vehicle with a different license plate.

When a police officer talking to Carroll’s girlfriend asked him why he was driving with a suspended license, his girlfriend replied, “He’s an idiot!”

Carroll was blamed for using some plugins not related to the tool. Also, police asked about the meaning of the I-95 sign found on Carroll’s body, the life of a fighter, and the Statue of Liberty tattoos holding a gun.

Another Incident On May 20

Florida Man Allegedly Threatened To Behead Cops, Eat Their Eyes

Who are the famous May 20 birthdays?

Bob Sweikert, American race car driver (d. 1956)
1945 Vladimiro Montesinos, Peruvian intelligence officer
Norbert Siegmann, German footballer and manager
Colin Sutherland, Lord Carloway, Scottish lawyer and judge
Agnes Kittelsen, Norwegian actress
Kensuke Tanaka, Japanese baseball player
1982 Sierra Boggess, American actress and singer
1987 Fra Fee, Irish actor and singer
Mike Havenaar, Japanese footballer

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