Florida Man Birthday December 5

Florida man asked his co-worker to date with him but stabbed her fatally when she refused

The incident took place in Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County. The Florida man asked his co-worker out on a date. However, the woman said she didn’t want to go out with him. The Florida man didn’t give up and asked out again. When he was denied again, he fatally stabbed the woman outside his apartment.

Agustin Lucas Mariani, 20, who works at a restaurant, has asked his co-worker on a date multiple times. Mariani, whose offers were always rejected, stabbed the woman in front of her apartment. Delfina Pan, 28, was hospitalized but did not survive. Mariani faced charges of second-degree murder.

The police report contained various details about the incident. The deceased Pan’s neighbor and a friend said that Mariani came to Pan’s apartment at night time. This was unexpected because Pan had not invited him. Mariani began to wait for Pan to come to her house.

When Pan came to her house, Mariani said he wanted to talk to him at her home. However, Pan refused this offer and Mariani was distraught. Mariani took out a knife and began stabbing the deceased Pan. It was learned that the knife used by Mariani belonged to the restaurant where they worked together.

Mariani later stabbed himself in the chest, but this injury was not fatal. Mariani was lying on top of Pan when Mariani and Pan were found. Both were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Pan’s injuries were fatal, so she did not survive. Mariani’s wound was not serious and was treated.

After Mariani recovered from his injury, he was charged with second-degree murder. Mariani and Pan were working at a restaurant called Kansas Bar & Grill. A restaurant employee and a friend of the deceased Pan said that Mariani was a strange person, someone who didn’t even greet anyone and was just trying to do his job.

Police learned that Pan had left work early on the day of the incident and Mariani, who had a double shift that day, had interrupted his shift and left the restaurant. Mariani refused to testify to the police, exercising her right to remain silent. Friends of the deceased Pan said that she wanted to be a fashion designer and she lived with a childhood friend.

The deceased Pan studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires in 2016. After graduation, she worked as a graphic designer in her home country. According to her friends, she moved to the U.S. about 2 years ago and started living here.

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