Florida Man Birthday October 1

A Florida man calmly walked into the sheriff’s office and confessed to the murder he committed in 2011

This unexpected event took place at the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. A Florida man calmly walked into the sheriff’s office. He told authorities that he had killed a woman ten years ago and wanted to surrender because he could not live with the guilt. The Florida man was arrested by the sheriff’s deputies.

A press release by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said a man surrendered for a crime he committed years ago. Benjamin Moulton, 43, admitted to killing Nicole Scott in 2011. He stated that he murdered a tantrum.

Moulton spoke about details of the late Scott’s death that were not disclosed anywhere. He told the sheriff’s deputies that he wanted to surrender because he could no longer live with the guilt. Moulton explained in full detail almost everything unknown about the murder.

According to the sheriff’s office footage, Moulton is being dropped by a car in front of the sheriff’s office. He gets down from the backseat of the car and walks into the sheriff’s office holding a liquor bottle. Later, Moulton is seen walking out with a sheriff’s office official.

Randy Warren, the spokesman for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, argued that this is an event that will not always happen. The late Scott was found dead in the woods near University Boulevard. She was partially clothed, with signs of beating on her face, and was later found to have strangled.

As a result of laboratory examinations, it was learned that the body of the late Scott was thrown into the forest area days ago. One of the suspects in Scott’s death was Moulton. However, Moulton was never directly associated with the crime and thus could not be arrested.

The sheriff’s office said detectives were never able to mention an obvious suspect in the case. Despite a long investigation, the murder could not be clarified. Moulton, who surrendered by himself to the sheriff’s office years later, will now face first-degree murder charges.

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