Florida Man Birthday October 6

Florida man killed his fiancee, slept with his fiancee’s corpse, and left the corpse at Walmart

The incident took place in Sebastian, Florida. After a Florida man killed his fiancee, he slept next to her body. He then took the body and brought it to the parking lot of Walmart, which operates in Sebastian. The Florida man left the body here and went inside the store. However, he was later detained by the police.

A Florida handyman admitted to killing his fiancee and dumping her body in a Walmart parking lot. In a statement made by the police, the repairman also slept next to the corpse for a while. The cops found the woman’s body upon a notice.

The body of 67-year-old Jeanine Bishop was found with a notice on Tuesday morning. Police were informed that a woman may have died in a pickup truck in the parking lot of the Walmart store in Sebastian. The police, who came to the scene, came across the woman’s body inside the pickup truck.

Investigators, who launched an investigation into the incident, reached the woman’s fiancee, Michael John Despres. Despres answered questions asked about his fiancee but he didn’t say anything except cryptic information. The investigation was expanded, and Despres confessed to killing his fiancee. It was also learned that Despres was at Walmart when the police arrived on the scene.

Confessing the murder he committed, Despres stated that he killed Bishop at home and then moved the body to Walmart’s parking lot. Police Chief Daniel Acosta said the investigation into the murder is continuing with an expanded scope. Evidence was collected from Despres’ home, workplace, car, and the Bishop’s body, Acosta said.

According to the information from the police report, Despres had been planning to kill her for several days because he was angry with his fiancee. Despres, who wanted to kill his fiancee, said that he made a weapon using rope and various items. It’s unclear why Despres wanted to do this, however.

Investigators collecting evidence of the incident found signs of suffocation and very prominent red spots near Bishop’s eyes. Despres, who wanted to kill his fiancee, confessed to strangling Bishop while she was sitting in the kitchen chair.

Despres later said he carried the body to the bed and slept next to the body through the night without changing his clothes. He stated that in the morning he had put a bicycle in the pickup truck. Then he carried the body to the vehicle and departed for Walmart.

Despres left the truck in Walmart’s parking lot. Then he entered the store. Despres was still inside the store when the police, who had received notice of the body in the truck, arrived at the scene. Despres had taken the bike he had brought with the body out of the pickup truck and fled the scene.

It’s unclear why Despres killed his fiancee, Bishop. The Florida handyman declined to talk about it while giving information to the police on everything. Despres was sent to the Indian River County Jail without bail. It is not clear yet if he has hired a lawyer.

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