Florida Man Birthday December 2

A drunk Florida man shot a young boy playing with a toy gun with a real gun

The incident took place in Sanford, Seminole County. A Florida man was extremely drunk. Meanwhile, he was playing with some children in his house. The children had toy water guns in their hands. The Florida man pulled out a real gun and shot a 7-year-old with it.

According to the Sanford Police Department, Anthony Knuth had gotten drunk by drinking whiskey and beer. The children and their mother had come to visit Knuth’s house. Knuth and the kids were playing with water guns in the living room. Everything was normal until Knuth said he had a real gun and was going to shoot a real bullet with it.

While the children were in the living room, their mother was in another room. Suddenly, an explosion sounded from the living room. When the women ran into the living room, they found a boy had been shot near the knee. The boy was covered in blood and was immediately taken to the hospital. After the first intervention, the bleeding was stopped.

However, doctors said the boy needed surgery to remove the bullet just below his left kneecap. Knuth told police that he drank too much beer on the day of the incident, he didn’t remember he had shot the boy and he had not done it on purpose. The first comment of the police about the incident was that Knuth would go to jail.

Knuth was arrested for child neglect and gun use. He later faced charges of causing grievous bodily harm to children while intoxicated and using a gun while intoxicated. A bail fee of $15,250 was set for Knuth. No lawyer information was found in the prison records.

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Who are the famous December 2 birthdays?

Warren William, American actor and singer (d. 1948)
1939 Yael Dayan, Israeli journalist, author, and politician
Cathy Lee Crosby, American actress
Penelope Spheeris, American director, producer, and screenwriter
John Banks, New Zealand politician, 38th Mayor of Auckland City
Pedro Borbón, Dominican-American baseball player (d. 2012)
Elizabeth Berg, American nurse and author
Luigi Malafronte, Italian footballer
Bibiana Candelas, Mexican volleyball player

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