Florida Man Birthday May 10

A Florida man was confronted with the intervention of a deputy sheriff because of the “I Eat Ass” tag found on his truck.

Authorities in Florida arrested the owner of the truck, which had a label that read “I Eat Ass” last week. The man, who stated that his rights had been violated, was charged by Florida authorities.

23-year-old Dillon Shane Webb’s truck with the “I Eat Ass” tag was stopped by a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office officer on Highway 90 in Lake City. According to the Lake City Reporter, the official said the label found on the truck violated Florida Statute 847,011.

According to the footage of the dash cam, the officer was also trying to look for other reasons to arrest the truck owner Webb, for whom the obscene tag was found.

In the videotape, Webb asks, “What kind of tag is that?” The officer said, “Isn’t it a derogatory label? If a young boy traveling asks his parents what it means by pointing to the label “I Eat Ass”, how will that question be answered?” Webb replies, “This is none of my business, it’s the parent’s job”. “The tag found on his truck is considered a misdemeanor in the state of Florida,” the officer said.

The officer said that after giving the court date, the label should be removed with the words “AS”. Webb said his First Amendment rights were claimed. Heading to the squad car, the officer calls another officer, confirming the reason he stopped Webb.

The officer said, “I want him to remove one of the letters on the label, but it goes against it. Is this a resistance?” he asks. The officer on the phone is “What are you accusing him of?” The officer says, “I accuse you of having obscene writing in the vehicle.” The officer on the other side of the phone instructs to “pull his car”.

Webb was arrested for holding obscene labels and resisting the officer. Webb, who paid $2,500 bail, was released.

“The charges against Webb have been dropped,” Assistant State’s Attorney John Foster Durrett said in a statement. “I Eat Ass is protected by the First Amendment, as Webb defends it.” “Defendant’s defense under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is valid,” Durrett said. In this case, the defendant cannot be convicted.”

Webb’s attorney, Andrew Bonderud, said: “My client is very brave for expressing his love for ass bites. Now we are considering allegations against the deputy sheriff.”

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Who are the famous May 10 birthdays?

Antoine Charles Louis de Lasalle, French general (d. 1809)
1923 Otar Korkia, Georgian basketball player and coach (d. 2005)
Lothar Schmid, German chess player (d. 2013)
Kenneth D. Taylor, Canadian diplomat (d. 2015)
Youssouf Sambo Bâ, Nigerien-Burkinabe educator and politician
Danny Schayes, American basketball player
1968 William Regal, English wrestler and sportscaster
1983 Gustav Fridolin, Swedish journalist and politician, Swedish Minister of Education
Ivana Španović, Serbian long jumper


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