Florida Man Birthday December 1

Florida man arrested and jailed for a crime he committed 39 years ago

The incident took place in Delray Beach, Palm Beach. A Florida man was arrested for a crime he committed 39 years ago. The police solved the case using new technology. A 21-year-old woman from Pompano Beach, Broward County, had been murdered and the perpetrator had yet to be caught.

Carla Lowe, 21, was waiting for a train at Delray Beach Station. But the young woman could not get on the train she was waiting for. Police found the woman’s body brutally beaten near the train station. Moreover, a car had passed over the woman’s body.

The day Lowe’s body was found, the police detained Ralph Williams. The grounds for Williams’ detention were burglary and auto theft. However, no correlation could be made between Williams and Lowe’s murder. Fingerprint technology was not that advanced back then.

Lt. Mark Woods, a former police officer, stated that the case was very important at that time, but full progress could not be made in the file due to the lack of fingerprint technology. He and his team couldn’t detect any relationship between Lowe and Williams. Very solid evidence was needed to indict Williams for the incident.

Decades later, this evidence emerged. Williams, who is now 59 and lives in Jacksonville, was arrested. Detective Todd Clancy said they used new technology to take fingerprints. Clancy stated that this technology is called the recovery machine.

By analyzing the evidence collected from Lowe’s death scene, the recovery machine was able to match them with Williams. Clancy described the use of relevant technology in resolving this case as a milestone. He said that technology can be used to solve many cold cases.

The police department is considering moving on to other cases after completing all the procedures related to the relevant case. It was emphasized that the cases would be prioritized according to some factors. Delray Beach Police Chief Javaro Sims stated that this new technology could be a new light for families who have now given up hope of justice.

Another Incident On December 1

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