Florida Man Birthday December 29

A Florida man purposely hit a deer with his car and shared the video on social media

A Florida man was arrested after posting a social media video of himself trampling a deer. The video showed footage of him crushing the deer. Law enforcement officials say the Florida man was arrested on charges of animal cruelty and traffic violations.

Even though 27-year-old Clay Kinney committed a very disturbing act, he did not hesitate to share it on social media. On December 28, Seminole County detectives went on patrol and chased after Kinney and managed to catch him along with his vehicle.

Detectives were cautious when they first noticed Kinney. They ordered him to get out of the car, but Kinney moved very slowly. Detectives then decided to search the car. When they couldn’t find anything suspicious inside the vehicle, they turned to the social media video.

Detectives questioned Kinney about the social media video. Even though Kinney didn’t want to say much at first, he had to give up in the face of the detectives’ determined attitude and confessed that he had run over a deer. But the video footage showed much more.

The video shows that he wasn’t just trying to run over a single deer. He drove his car into a herd of deer. One of the deer failed to escape and became Kinney’s victim. The video shows Kinney enjoying himself immensely while doing all this.

Detectives attempted to gather information about Kinney. Many people reported that he was a careless driver, speeding and not thinking about the consequences. However, according to detectives, driving his car into the deer may not have been a result of his carelessness.

Detectives’ investigation revealed that Kinney had previously been arrested for a deer case. He lied when questioned by law enforcement. However, he was arrested for possessing a baby fawn outside the hunting season, but was released on bail.

Another Incident On December 29

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Who are the famous December 29 birthdays?

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1920 Viveca Lindfors, Swedish actress and singer (d. 1995)
Stanley Williams, American gang leader, co-founded the Crips (d. 2005)
Brad Grey, American screenwriter and producer
Allan McNish, Scottish race car driver
Jennifer Ehle, American actress
Margot Thien, American swimmer
Angelo Taylor, American hurdler and sprinter
Mitsuhiro Ishida, Japanese mixed martial artist


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