Florida Man Birthday September 3

Florida man paralyzed after deputy sheriff used gun dies in hospital

The incident took place in West Palm Beach, Florida. A Florida man shot by a deputy sheriff in 2013 was paralyzed. As a result of various lawsuits, the paralyzed man was paid millions of dollars in compensation. According to the statement made by the man’s lawyer, the paralyzed man died in the hospital.

Lawyer Jack Scarola said in a statement to the press that his client, Dontrell Stephens, passed away on Sunday due to complications from the paralysis. The deceased Stephens, only 28, was paraplegic from the waist down and was hospitalized for three weeks before he died.

When this information was reflected in the press, the incident that took place in September 2013 was remembered. Stephens, who was shot right in the spine after the gunfire by deputy sheriff Adams Lin, made headlines in the most important press sources of the time. Thanks to this, the event had a wide resonance nationally.

Deputy sheriff Lin had stopped the deceased Stephens while he was riding his bike. The investigation into the incident showed that the deputy sheriff mistook the mobile phone in Stephens’s pocket for a weapon. Everything was seen clearly in a camera recording.

The deceased Stephens, who was 20 at the time of the incident, was running away from the deputy sheriff with his back turned. The deputy sheriff had mistaken the thing in the deceased’s pocket as a weapon and preferred to shoot. The opening fire hit Stephens’ spine, and he had to live with paraplegic from the waist down for years.

After this incident, Stephens filed a compensation claim with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Attorney Scarola represented Stephens in that case. In 2016, a federal civil jury sought 22 million dollars awarded to Stephens. As a result of negotiations, this amount was reduced to 4.5 million dollars.

In 2020, the state legislature paid Stephens 6 million dollars as compensation. Informing the press, Scarola stated that Stephens had to live a very difficult life. The lawyer stated that he was relieved that the case was settled in Stephens’ favor, but he was saddened that the deceased’s pleasure was short-lived.

Omari Hardy, a member of the Florida House of Representatives representing the federal public, said he was deeply saddened upon learning of Stephens’ death. He also said that if he hadn’t been shot and paralyzed by a deputy sheriff of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, he might be alive today.

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