Florida Man Birthday May 4

GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA (WOWT) – On Friday, a man was arrested after Nebraska State Patrol soldiers found more than 400 pounds of marijuana during a traffic control.

Gilbert Fernandez, 36, from Cooper City, was arrested for possession of more than one pound of marijuana, possession with intent to deliver drugs, and possession of money during a drug violation.

The NSP K9 dog pointed out that there may be drugs in a car during a traffic stop. The soldiers found 14 ATMs and a safe in the vehicles identified by the K9 dog. There were packages of marijuana hidden in the van. In addition, the soldiers found $9,000 in money in the bag found in the front of the car.

The traffic control by the soldiers took place around 10:00 am on April 30. Seeing that the Mercedes Sprinter Van did not give a signal to turn, the police took action to stop the car.

The Grand Island Fire Department assisted Nebraska State Patrol soldiers to open the safe in the car.

Another Incident On May 4

Florida Woman Arrested For Threatening To Kill Neighbor Says She Should Have Threatened To ‘Bitch Slap’ Him

Who are the famous May 4 birthdays?

Harlon Hill, American football player and coach (d. 2013)
1934 Tatiana Samoilova, Russian actress (d. 2014)
Neil Fox, English rugby player and coach
Paul Gleason, American actor (d. 2006)
Jane Kennedy, English politician
Matthew Barnaby, Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster
1979 Wes Butters, English radio host
1989 Henna Lindholm, Finnish figure skater
Anastasiya Petryk, Ukrainian singer

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