Florida Man Birthday September 18

Florida man built himself a motorcycle made from a jet ski and wandered the streets

On Tuesday, Floridans encountered an interesting phenomenon. A Florida man was cruising the streets on a motorcycle made from a jet ski. Even if there was a brief surprise on the streets of Jacksonville, where the incident took place, the man seemed quite content.

The event went viral with a video posted on the internet. Trey Yarbough, 23, wore a black helmet and a red backpack. The motorcycle he drove was a homemade hybrid model. It was built using a 1988 Sea-Doo jet ski and a 1989 Honda Elite scooter. Trey Yarbough was riding his motorcycle to the gym.

Trey Yarbough was both a welder and a manufacturer. Speaking to the Miami Herald, Trey Yarbough said he spent a few weeks building a motorcycle made from a jet ski. In addition, he managed to develop a completely legal vehicle, as he equipped the motorcycle with brake lights and turn signals.

Trey Yarbough, in his Facebook post, stated that he made the motorcycle made from a jet ski for fun, he tried to be different and he did it to make people laugh. He explained that a lot of people don’t like motorcycles and try to give them a reason to laugh.

Beth Porter, who recorded Trey Yarbough riding this strange motorcycle, shared the video with News4Jax. After News4Jax shared the video from his own account, the video has been viewed more than 72,000 times on Facebook alone. Trey Yarbough then contacted the channel and stated that he was the person in the video.

Trey Yarbough said he had obtained the necessary legal permission from the Department of Transportation to use his motorcycle on state roads. Trey Yarbough, while stating that what he did was a positive thing, did not neglect to add that he was happy about it.

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