Florida Man Birthday February 22

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA – The man who was caught following the lanai belonging to his neighbor Donalt said he had received orders from Trump.

According to the WBBH report, in the incident in the Cape Coral neighborhood, a man, Scott Wideman, was hiding around his lanai. When the residents of the neighborhood noticed the situation, they called the police.

According to the report prepared by the police, a landlord caught Wideman. Wideman defended himself by saying “I was watching the landscape”. While leaving the scene, Wideman ran into cops and explained to the police, “I work under the president’s command and control the security systems.” Wideman also gave the police a piece of paper with “3721” written on it.

Speaking about the incident, Lee County Republican Committee Vice Chairman Doris Cortese said, “The man named Wideman was expelled from the campaign office recently.” Also, Cortese told WBBH that “Wideman is not a volunteer or someone appointed by the President.”

Wideman has been arrested for loafing. The bail of Wideman, who is being held in Lee County Prison, is $5,000.

Another Incident On February 22:

Florida Man Throws Toilet Through School Board Building Window In Illinois, Is Arrested Sitting On Another

Who are the famous February 22 birthdays?

Reed Crandall, American illustrator (d. 1982)
1918 Sid Abel, Canadian-American ice hockey player, coach, and manager (d. 2000)
1932 Ted Kennedy, American soldier, lawyer, and politician (d. 2009)
1938 Ishmael Reed, American author, poet, and playwright
1950 Genesis P-Orridge, English singer-songwriter (Psychic TV, Thee Majesty, Pigface, and Splinter Test)
Cyrinda Foxe, American model and actress (d. 2002)
1985 Georgios Printezis, Greek basketball player
1985 Zach Roerig, American actor
Efraín Juárez, Mexican footballer

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