Florida Man Birthday September 22

Florida man accused of threatening a woman and kidnapping her

The threat and kidnapping took place in Winter Haven, Florida. Sheriff’s officials stated that a Florida man wanted to kidnap a woman, but when she resisted, he threatened her with a utility knife. After these events, Sir Dangerous Lashawd London was arrested by the authorities.

Sir Dangerous Lashawd London was arrested on nine counts, according to Polk County Sheriff’s Office records. A few of these included armed kidnapping, theft of a vehicle, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, and robbery. Again, according to the records, he was held without bail in the Polk County Jail.

Information obtained by WFLA was based on the Winter Haven Police Department. Lashawd London got into an argument at an apartment complex in Winter Haven. The person Lashawd London was discussing was a woman. He had taken her car keys and was refusing to return them.

After Lashawd London’s actions, the woman got angry and wanted to get in another car and leave. Meanwhile, Lashawd London jumped in front of the car and started punching the windshield of the car. After one punch after another, the glass started to break. The woman drove the vehicle towards the front entrance of the apartment complex and stopped.

Just then, Lashawd London took a silver utility knife from the glove compartment of the vehicle and put it to her throat and began to threaten her. He continued his threats one after the other, telling the woman that he would “make his life miserable” and demanded that she drive him home immediately.

The woman agreed to do as Lashawd London said. Thereupon, Lashawd London went to the woman’s other vehicle and began to follow her with that vehicle. Meanwhile, the woman tried to dodge him, but was unsuccessful at first. Because the man was trying to stop her by hitting the car she was driving.

Lashawd London crashed into the woman’s car several times, but was unable to stop her, officials said. The woman defected to the police, driving towards the Winter Haven Police Department. A short time later, the police arrested Lashawd London and sent him to jail.

Another Incident On September 22

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Who are the famous September 22 birthdays?

Billy West, American actor, director, and producer (d. 1975)
1924 Ray Wetzel, American trumpet player and composer (d. 1951)
Lute Olson, American basketball player and coach
James Cartwright, American general
Diane Lemieux, Canadian lawyer and politician
Liam Fox, Scottish physician and politician, Secretary of State for Defence
Félix Savón, Cuban boxer
Emmanuel Petit, French footballer
Nikita Andreyev, Russian footballer

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