Florida Man Birthday June 19

PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA – The Florida man shot his friend in the chest with his empty chest rifle, according to police. The man faced murder charges.

Shea Michael Harkins pointed his Colt M4 rifle at his 26-year-old friend, Sean Cook, Thursday night, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office officials said.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Harkins’ friend was playing a video game.

Harkins told deputy sheriffs that he was pointing the rifle as a joke. He said that Cook said, “Are you going to shoot me?” Harkins was thinking the rifle was empty and he fired. However, the rifle contained a bullet. The bullet from the rifle hit Cook’s chest.

Cook was injured and taken to the hospital, where he died.

Authorities arrested Harkins and took him to Pinellas County Jail.

Another Incident On June 19

Florida Man Offers Decent Rationale For Stealing Trojan Twister Vibrator From Walgreens

Who are the famous June 19 birthdays?

Gladys Mills Phipps, American horse breeder (d.1970)
1934 Terence Clark, English soldier and diplomat, British Ambassador to Iraq
John Sheil, English lawyer and judge
Karen Young, Canadian singer-songwriter
Bill Barretta, American actor and puppeteer
Alastair Lynch, Australian footballer and sportscaster
1972 Ilya Markov, Russian race walker
1973 Yasuhiko Yabuta, Japanese baseball player
Rachael Todd, American model, Miss Florida 2009

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