Florida Man Birthday December 22

Florida man arrested after breaking into cars and various valuables

The incident took place in Boise, Ada County. A Florida man smashed the windows of cars and got into them. He stole valuables in the cars. He did this several times. When an eyewitness informed the police, Boise police arrived on the scene and started an investigation.

Boise police acted immediately after reports of the Florida man breaking into car windows reached the police station. The burglaries occurred on the 800th block of East Park Center Boulevard. When the police arrived at the scene, a person who was seen as a suspect quickly left with a car.

Even if the suspect left the scene, people around gave the police various information about the car. Police found the identified card near Findley Avenue and Federal Way. The police tried to stop the suspect driver, but instead of stopping, the driver chose to flee quickly.

While the police were chasing the suspect car, additional information about the car came from the investigators at the police station. Investigators said the suspect car was linked to an ongoing investigation at Eagle. Police learned that the car was heading east of Gooding County. Meanwhile, Idaho police determined that the car was in the city of Bliss.

Relentlessly pursued by police, the car was caught near Idaho Highway 30 and Interstate 84. During the interrogation of the man, it was learned that he was actually from Miami Gardens, Florida. The man was arrested but not extradited to Florida authorities. Instead, he was sent to the Elmore County Jail in Idaho.

Another Incident On December 22

Florida Man Called Police Twice To Complain The Clams He Ordered Were ‘So Small’

Who are the famous December 22 birthdays?

Jaan Tõnisson, Estonian journalist, lawyer, and politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Estonia (d. 1941?)
1903 Haldan Keffer Hartline, American physiologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1983)
Gisela Birkemeyer, German hurdler and coach
Flip Mark, American actor
Susan Powter, Australian personal trainer and author
Dan Petrescu, Romanian footballer and manager
Richey Edwards, Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist (Manic Street Preachers) (d. 1995)
Myriam Bédard, Canadian biathlete
Jamie Langfield, Scottish footballer

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