Florida Man Birthday November 17

Florida man arrested for theft after tying a utility pole to the roof of his car

The incident took place in Lakeland, Florida. A Florida man hooked up a utility pole to the roof of his car. Law enforcement spotted the man on the way to a recycling center and took back the utility pole. Authorities announced that the man was arrested and sent to prison.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers received a tip from the Interstate-4 area on Monday. The report contained information that a man had stolen something. The police quickly arrived at the scene. Eyewitnesses said that a man drove away from the area by loading a utility pole into his car.

The man was driving a sedan model car. He had tied the utility pole to the roof of his car and headed for Interstate-75. It was later realized that he aimed to reach a recycling center. The man had succeeded before the police arrived on the scene. However, he was not taken to the recycling center because he did not have the proper documents regarding the utility pole.

Public Affairs Officer Sergeant Steve Gaskins made a statement regarding the incident. Florida Highway Patrol troopers took the utility pole from the man and returned it to its place. Gaskins said that 71-year-old Douglas Allen Hatley was arrested and his 1997 Toyota was confiscated.

Hatley was charged with committing grand theft and sent to Hillsborough County Jail. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, this was not Hatley’s first attempt at a crime. In 2017, Hatley was involved in grand theft, dealing in stolen goods, and making false statements about recycling metal items.

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