Florida Man Birthday September 21

A Florida domestic worker left a man with down syndrome asleep in a van and was arrested after he died.

A domestic worker in Florida has been accused of abandoning a 35-year-old man with down syndrome in his van. According to the reports created about the incident, the temperature inside the van was 125 degrees when the man with down syndrome died.

The painful event in question took place on 9 May. Joshua Russell, 26, who was learned to work for Crossroads of Pinellas, was in charge of caring for a man with down syndrome. He was taking the man with down syndrome back to the group home after visiting the hospital together.

On the way to the group home, Joshua Russell decided to stop by his own house on his way. When he reached his home, he left John Lapointe, 35, with down syndrome, in the van. Meanwhile, John Lapointe had fallen asleep and it was quite hot inside the van.

Joshua Russell wanted to break into his own house and consume kratom. After receiving kratom, he returned to the van and continued on his way. When the sheriff’s deputies asked why he consumed kratom, he replied, “I wanted to feel more alert.” Despite consuming kratom, Joshua Russell was unable to stay awake as he had intended.

Joshua Russell continued on for a while, but began to feel tired. After a sudden nausea, he parked the van, stopped the car and took a nap. After taking a nap for a while, when the inside of the van started to get extremely hot, he woke up in a sweat and realized that John Lapointe was not breathing.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri stated that Joshua Russell tried to perform CPR on the man who could not breathe at the time of the incident, but failed to resuscitate John Lapointe. Realizing that the man with down syndrome was dead, Joshua Russell pulled out the gun from his waist, called his mother and said he wanted to commit suicide.

Her mother tried to persuade Josh Russell not to kill himself, and then called 911. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office officials rushed to the area where the vehicle was parked on Oakhurst Road in the Seminole area. When the sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, paramedics reported that John Lapointe was dead.

Joshua Russell, on the other hand, fled the scene on foot with a gun in his hand. Shortly after, the sheriff’s deputies managed to find him. Joshua Russell told the deputies he wanted to kill himself. The sheriff’s deputies, who tried to persuade him, eventually succeeded and arrested him.

Making a statement about the incident, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri stated that at the time of John Lapointe’s death, the temperature inside the van was approximately 125 degrees and the man was almost sentenced to cooking inside. Josh Russell is accused of deliberately murdering a disabled adult.

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