Florida Man Birthday December 6

Florida man tried to kill his ex-girlfriend after his marriage proposal was rejected

The incident took place in Lake Worth, Palm Dale County. A Florida man proposed to his ex-girlfriend. The woman refused his offer. The next day, the Florida man tried to kill both his ex-girlfriend and her friend. The victim stated that she and the man broke up about 5 years ago.

48-year-old Gordon Kovie proposed to his ex-girlfriend. The woman did not accept this offer. However, Kovie forcibly put the ring he had brought on her finger. Later, Kovie offered to drive the woman to her parent’s house in his car. The woman agreed, and on the way home, she took the ring off her finger and left it in the car.

The next day, Kovie sent her many threatening messages. The messages were saying that she deserved nothing, he would do something crazy and even the cops couldn’t save her. Kovie has been sent messages almost all day long. The theme of the messages was to threaten the woman.

Kovie also asked the woman to return the ring he had given her, a dress he had bought for her, and the $60. The woman told Kovie that he could find the ring in his car. Late a day later, Kovie tried to kill the woman. The woman was at her friend’s house at this time. Kovie and a friend of his stood against the door of the house and began to pound on the door.

The Palm Dale County Sheriff Office investigating the incident had to review the surveillance footage of a nearby business. The footage showed Kovie hitting the door repeatedly and then returning to his car when no one answered. But Kovie’s intention was not to leave.

Kovie picked up a gun and, reaching through the driver’s window, began firing towards the door. It could be noticed in the camera recording when he was shot repeatedly. Law enforcement found 11 empty shell casings outside the house. Only one of the bullets had entered the house, and that bullet had landed in the refrigerator.

Law enforcement arrested Kovie and his 16-year-old suspect the very next day. Kovie was charged with attempted murder in the first degree, aggravated stalking, shooting into a house, and possession of a firearm. Police stated that no defense has yet been made in the case.

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Who are the famous December 6 birthdays?

John S. Mosby, American colonel (d. 1916)
1908 Pierre Graber, Swiss lawyer and politician, 69th President of the Swiss Confederation (d. 2003)
Dean Hess, American minister and colonel (d. 2015)
Richard Edlund, American visual effects designer
Peter Handke, Austrian author and playwright
David L. Spector, American biologist and academic
Darrell Jackson, American football player
Yanina González, Paraguayan model, Miss Paraguay 2004
Steve Lovell, English footballer

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