Florida Man Birthday October 23

Florida man jailed for two years after lying to authorities about hurricane damage

The incident took place in Jacksonville, Florida. A Florida man lied to authorities about Hurricane Irma, which wreaked havoc across the state, to take advantage of disaster relief money. When the man was found to be lying, he was sentenced to two years in prison.

Deontre Javan Taylor, 27, serving a two-year federal prison sentence, tried to take advantage of statewide disaster relief by lying to authorities about the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Taylor attended the Jacksonville federal court hearing on Friday and was sentenced to prison, according to court records.

Court records indicated that the sentence was not limited to imprisonment only. Because Taylor will also have to pay back the disaster relief money he received from the federal government. Taylor admitted to committing disaster relief fraud in an investigation conducted in June.

Taylor filed with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in September 2017, according to documents in court records. The reason for his application was that his house was damaged by Hurricane Irma. Taylor stated in his application that his house was flooded and that he was experiencing electrical surges due to lightning strikes.

In addition to all this, Taylor claimed that he could no longer stay at home, moved to a hotel and needed housing assistance. The Federal Emergency Management Agency then paid him $8,038.19 to him. It is not known exactly what and where this money obtained by Taylor was spent.

After investigations by Federal Emergency Management Agency investigators, it was determined that Taylor had not already lived in his home since 2015 and that his home had not suffered any damage during Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma caused extensive damage across the state in September 2017.

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1944 Mike Harding, English singer-songwriter and comedian
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