Florida Man Birthday September 4

Florida man arrested after toddler daughter accidentally swallows heroin

The incident took place in Melbourne, Florida. The Florida man reported himself to the authorities after his toddler accidentally swallowed heroin. The toddler who swallowed heroin was rushed to the hospital, while the Florida man was arrested for child neglect.

According to media reports on the incident, 28-year-old Nathaniel Clay unexpectedly gone to the Melbourne Fire Department. He told the authorities present here that his 16-month-old daughter may have taken drugs by mistake. Authorities immediately took the toddler to the nearest hospital.

Doctors treated the 16-month-old girl with a drug called Narcan, which prevents opioid overdose. During the time spent in the hospital, the man was quite agitated. According to officials, he didn’t know what to do and it was very clear that he had other things on his mind.

According to the field test performed after the treatment, a brown substance was detected in the dress worn by the girl. After laboratory examinations on the substance, it was determined that it was heroin. Initially, the link between heroin and toddler was not understood. Thereupon, the girl’s father was interrogated.

The girl’s father, Clay, claimed he had no connection to heroin. In the later statements, it was revealed that Clay threatened his friend with a gun so that he would not tell anyone about heroin. It was learned that the child who ingested heroin was in good health. Clay was arrested by Melbourne police for child neglect.

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Who are the famous September 4 birthdays?

Alexander Liberman, Russian-American publisher, painter, photographer, and sculptor (d. 1999)
1929 Thomas Eagleton, American lawyer and politician, 38th Lieutenant Governor of Missouri (d. 2007)
Ken Harrelson, American baseball player and sportscaster
Shailesh Vara, Ugandan-English lawyer and politician
John DiMaggio, American voice actor and singer
Noah Taylor, English-Australian actor and singer
Frederik Veuchelen, Belgian cyclist
Tiffany Hyden, American ice dancer
Jonny Lomax, English rugby player

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