Florida Man Birthday October 2

A Florida man attacked three people in a tantrum; two people died, one in critical condition

A Florida man throws a tantrum as a minor argument escalates. The man was sharing a house with his colleagues for a temporary business project. During a tantrum, he attacked his co-workers. Two of his colleagues have passed away, while the third is in serious condition and is very difficult to survive.

Electrician Shun Runyon and his colleagues were working temporarily at a supermarket for a Pennsylvania-based power company. Runyon, 39, who was in Davenport on business, argued with her supervisor at the worksite. He punched his supervisor first and then hurriedly fled the worksite.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd held a press conference about the incident. He said that after Ruyon left the worksite, he returned to the home where his colleagues and family lived. Runyon started throwing tantrums. He attacked his friends with a knife and baseball bat he found at home. He beat one of his co-workers to death while he was sleeping.

Sheriff Judd continued to share information about the incident. He stated that Runyon’s second victim was found dead on the front porch. The third victim nearly lost consciousness from the excessive amount of blows and was taken to the hospital. According to the authorities, it was learned that the probability of the third victim’s survival was at a level that could be described by miracles.

Runyon chased the fourth person down the street and attacked him with a baseball bat. Another victim immediately fled the scene with his wife and 7-year-old daughter. Davenport had a rather restless day. Because sheriff’s office officials have mobilized all means to capture Runyon.

Runyon ran away from home after what he did. Almost all of his clothes were smeared with blood. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office had to organize a large-scale operation to capture Runyon, including sheriff’s deputies, K-9 units, drones, and helicopters.

Runyon took refuge in the home of a couple in Lake Wales. To convince the hosts, Runyon told them he was raped, according to Sheriff Judd. The hosts told Runyon to change into bloody clothes and get to the hospital as soon as possible.

Runyon listened to his hosts, took off his bloody clothes, and went to the nearest hospital. Sheriff’s office officials detained him at the hospital. It did not go unnoticed that Runyon did not have any scars. The identities of the people who were killed, attacked, and beaten to hospital by Runyon have not been released.

Runyon has been revealed to have a bloated history of violence. Turns out he was arrested for a drowning incident in Pennsylvania. Sheriff Judd said they didn’t know why Runyon was so angry. Also, according to the sheriff, if Runyon hadn’t been caught, he would have wanted to go back and kill the people who were left behind.

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