Florida Man Birthday November 22

Florida man chooses to jump off a bridge after an accident with a stolen vehicle

The incident took place in Fort Myers, Florida. Police began chasing a Florida man. The man who was speeding more than necessary had an accident on the bridge. The man jumped off the bridge to avoid being caught by the police. He dived into the water from a height of tens of meters. But he was caught as a result of the relentless pursuit of the police.

Police tried to stop the van that 34-year-old Bryan Gray was driving during a traffic control. Gray disobeyed the police’s warning to stop. He quickly began to flee the scene. After the incident by the police, the van was determined to be stolen.

As soon as the police started chasing Gray, they requested air support from headquarters. Thereupon, a police aviation unit was sent to the scene. The helicopter began to follow Gray closely. The man, who wanted to get rid of the cops as soon as possible, started to speed more than necessary while crossing the Edison Bridge in Fort Myers.

Gray suddenly lost control of the van. The van began to skid. Gray swerved to the right and crashed into a guardrail on the side of the bridge. The collision was so severe. The van dragged to the other side of the bridge. Finally, the van stopped in the middle of the road.

The police helicopter recorded everything that happened on the bridge. Gray got out of the van after the accident. Then, he walked to the edge of the bridge. The man had no intention of surrendering to the police. For this, he started climbing the railings. He chose to jump into the water from dozens of meters without any hesitation.

Gray thought that this way he could circumvent the police this way. Everything did not turn out as he had planned because the thermal vision technology in the police helicopter had already located him. The police immediately requested boat support. Gray, who was located by the helicopter, was arrested.

The sheriff’s office made a statement about the incident. It was stated that Gray will be charged with vehicle theft, failure to comply with the police stop warning, and fleeing from the police. It looks like Gray has punished himself with more charges while trying to evade the police.

Another Incident On November 22

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Who are the famous November 22 birthdays?

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Gardnar Mulloy, American tennis player and coach
Steven Muller, German-American scholar and academic (d. 2013)
Roger L. Simon, American author and screenwriter
Rezauddin Stalin, Bangladeshi poet and educator
Ville Valo, Finnish singer-songwriter (HIM)
Alasdair Duncan, Australian journalist and author
Ava Leigh, English singer-songwriter
Mackenzie Lintz, American actress

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