Florida Man Birthday January 31

Florida man bites another man in the face after attacking him with a machete

The incident took place in Miami-Dade, Florida. A Florida man using the pseudonym Psych was arrested for trying to kill a man using a machete. The attacker bit the man’s face after his attacks with a machete. Various injuries occurred on the victim’s body.

Demetrick Sanders, 45, approached a man waiting outside the Northside Supermarket, getting ready to go to work. He then asked her for some money. However, the man refused to give him money. Sanders, who got the answer he didn’t want, started attacking the man.

According to police reports, Sanders first attacked the man with a broomstick. However, when she couldn’t deal with the man, she took out a machete from her waist and continued to attack the man. The victim had a hard time defending himself, and various abrasions appeared on his body due to the machete.

Sanders, who hit the victim with a machete several times, finally bit his face. The victim went to a nearby gas station and asked for help. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital with the help of the surrounding people. Then he was discharged after being treated there.

Several staples were thrown over the victim’s head. Sanders stole the man’s $350 and his phone. However, when the victim saw Sanders again near the same supermarket, she called the police. Police arrested Sanders and sent him to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Whether Sanders frequently commits such theft and assault attempts is not known for now. The police department continues its investigations, and according to the information obtained, Sanders’ punishment may increase. He is currently being held in a correctional facility.

According to the information obtained from the records, Sanders can’t be released on a conditional basis. Sanders faces charges including using a deadly weapon and stealing with a firearm. The victim’s wounds are said to be getting better and better.

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Who are the famous January 31 birthdays?

1857 George Jackson Churchward, English engineer (d. 1933)
1884 Theodor Heuss, German journalist and politician, 1st President of the Federal Republic of Germany (d. 1963)
1937 Philip Glass, American composer
1954 Adrian Vandenberg, Dutch guitarist
1961 Fatou Bensouda, Gambian lawyer and judge
1967 Michelle Ruff, American voice actress
1968 Patrick Stevens, Belgian sprinter
1974 Ariel Pestano, Cuban baseball player
1975 Jackie O, Australian radio and television host

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