Florida Man Birthday November 2

Florida man accused of pouring gasoline on his girlfriend and setting her on fire

The incident took place in North Lauderdale, Broward County. A South Florida man has been accused of burning his girlfriend. The man poured gasoline on his girlfriend and then set her on fire with his cigarette. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office saw the incident as attempted murder and thus began its investigation.

The woman who was the victim of the incident filed a criminal complaint against the Florida man. Thereupon, sheriff’s deputies arrested Noe Jimenez-Cortes. The woman was still at her home when the sheriff’s deputies arrived to begin their investigation. The victim told the sheriff’s deputies that Jimenez-Cortes deliberately tried to set himself on fire.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office began their investigation, considering the incident as attempted murder. Sheriff’s deputies found the woman on Northwest 54th Street in North Lauderdale. After getting the information from the woman, they arrested Jimenez-Cortes. Later, the investigators involved in the incident began to conduct the investigation.

Investigators did not reveal the identity of the victim. The woman, who had scalds at various levels on her body, was taken to the nearest hospital by the authorities. The sheriff’s office announced that it will issue a press release after the preliminary investigation. The statement said that Jimenez-Cortes poured gasoline on the woman’s body and set her ablaze with a cigarette.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office continues to gather information about the incident and expand its investigation. The sheriff’s office also invited anyone with knowledge of the incident to assist the sheriff’s office. It was stated that people who want to provide information can contact Broward Crime Stoppers in an anonymous form.

Another Incident On November 2

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Who are the famous November 2 birthdays?

Moa Martinson, Swedish author (d. 1964)
1911 Raphael M. Robinson, American mathematician, theorist, and philosopher (d. 1995)
Ken Rosewall, Australian tennis player
Patrice Chéreau, French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2013)
J. D. Souther, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Longbranch Pennywhistle and Souther–Hillman–Furay Band)
Dale Brown, American author and pilot
Craig Saavedra, American director, producer, and screenwriter
Scott Walker, American politician, 45th Governor of Wisconsin
Natalie Pluskota, American tennis player

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