Florida Man Birthday December 21

A Florida man got off the plane after wearing lace underwear instead of a regular mask

The incident took place on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Washington DC. Instead of using a standard mask, the Florida man donned lacy underwear over his face. However, he was forced off the plane for violating the federal mask requirement and was banned from the airline for life.

The Florida man likened the incident to the Rosa Parks incident in the past. Parks was a black woman who refused to give place to a white passenger on a bus. This move made her a prominent civil rights advocate. Adam Jenne tried to defend himself by comparing himself to her.

Adam Jenne stated that the flight attendants behaved differently on each flight and that the best way to show the bullshit is again bullshit. The video of the event was shared on the internet and went viral. In the video, the flight attendant could be heard warning Jenne. The flight attendant was telling him to get off the plane because he didn’t follow the mask rule.

Jenne stated that he had acted similarly a few times before and had some success. He also stated that he received support from some of the other passengers on the plane and got off the plane in solidarity with them. This event was likened to the behavior that Rosa Parks had done years ago.

Jenne did not hesitate to defend himself about the incident he experienced. He said that Parks was an ordinary person and changed the course of history with her actions. Jenne claimed to have similarities with Parks. Jenne managed to get a refund from United Airlines after getting off the plane. He made a reservation with Spirit with the payment he received.

After the video shared online went viral, United Airlines issued a statement and defended the flight attendant. The statement thanked the flight attendant for behaving properly. United Airlines stated that the customer had clearly violated the mask rules and that the flight crew had properly managed the issue.

Another Incident On December 21

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Who are the famous December 21 birthdays?

Amalia of Oldenburg (d. 1875)
1922 Itubwa Amram, Nauruan pastor and politician (d. 1989)
Lloyd Axworthy, Canadian academic and politician, 2nd Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Patriot, American wrestler
Karmen Stavec, German-Slovenian singer
A. J. Bowen, American actor and producer
Kristjan Sarv, Estonian actor
Michele Di Piedi, Italian footballer
Michael Lohan Jr., American actor

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