Florida Man Birthday August 5

Florida man arrested for slapping his pregnant wife when he saw her smoking a cigarette

A Florida man named Felix Taylor, who lives in the Pensacola area, slapped his pregnant wife when he saw her smoking a cigarette. A search warrant was issued after the complaints, and Taylor was arrested by the police on charges of aggravated battery and sent to jail.

The incident in question took place in March. Taylor, who lives in the Pensacola area, got into an argument with his wife. The reason for the argument was that his wife smoked even though she was pregnant. Taylor, who had a minor nervous breakdown at what he saw, attacked her pregnant wife.

According to the report produced by the police, the woman, who suffered minor injuries in the incident, said that she was caught by Taylor while she was smoking. However, she stated that Taylor was very upset when he saw the cigarette and told her that she should not have smoked while pregnant.

However, Taylor’s reaction was not limited to this. Taylor quickly pulled the cigarette from the woman’s mouth and threw it on the floor. Then he hit her in the mouth. After that, Taylor went to another room to smoke, and when he came back to the previous room, he hit her hard in the face and stomach.

The police said that the woman who was the victim of the incident was slightly injured. According to the report, the woman’s lip was bloody and swollen. Taylor refused to talk about the incident. However, after investigations, he was arrested by the police on 17 July.

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