Florida Man Birthday October 16

Florida man accused of breaking into a house and then standing in front of a girl’s room for minutes

The incident took place in the suburb of Holiday, Florida. A Florida man broke into a home. Then he approached a sleeping girl’s room and stood at her door for a few minutes. After the investigation, the Florida man was taken into custody.

Thomas Martin Marnets, 52, who is known to live in the Longwood area, was detained by sheriff’s deputies on Thursday. According to online records from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the reason for his arrest was for breaking into a property and committing robbery.

Marnets appeared in court on Friday. The previously set $10,000 bail has been increased to $100,000. According to the information given by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office considering the footage, Marnets entered a house in the suburb of Holiday and entered the bedroom of the girl in the house. His hands were on his pants as he tried to run away from the house.

According to the footage on the security cameras, Marnets tried to enter the house by entering the garage door of the house. He then broke into the house by breaking the lock of the door that opened from the garage to the house. Sheriff’s deputies stated that Marnets tried to escape when the dog in the house woke the child up. The footage showed Marnets’ hands on his pants as he fled.

Sheriff’s deputies posted the footage on Facebook. Marnets’ identity was confirmed by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office from multiple individuals. The people who gave the information were Marnets’ boss and sister. After the clues came, the deputy sheriffs arrested Marnets.

According to court records, Marnets had been arrested nine times in Seminole County for crimes such as robbery, theft and assault. Pasco County Sheriff’s Office officials who arrested him said they could not find any connection between the victims and Marnets.

The mother of the girl in the house, Jacquline Eisinga, said that this incident was disturbing. Eisinga stated that they are literally going through an emotional whirlpool. From the very beginning they had a hard time understanding why this man was out and not in jail, she said. The girl’s stepfather, Daniel Roles, said he was worried and distressed about the incident.

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