Florida Man Birthday June 28

A person was said to have stopped on the hood of the car on the Florida highway.

A man was infuriated when he saw the hood of a car traveling on South Florida Interstate 95 being caught.

Junior Francis said it all started at his ex-girlfriend’s house after a Mercedes wasn’t shared.

According to Francis, the couple’s relationship was complicated and they had a 5-year-old daughter.

Francis’ ex-girlfriend, Patresha Isidore, took the car and drove off. Thinking she could stop him, Francis grabbed the hood of the car.

Isidore didn’t stop as Francis thought and drove on Interstate 95 at 70 miles per hour. Meanwhile, Francis had to call the police while holding the hood with one hand.

Francis said he didn’t think he could go that long in the car.

According to the authorities’ statement, Francis repeatedly told Isodore to stop, and this request was also heard in Francis’ call to 911. Francis told the officer on the phone, “I’m on the hood of the car and she is swinging the car. I’m going to fall, I need help.”

Isodore stopped the car. The police arrested Isodore. According to the arrest report, it turned out that Francis did not press charges against Isodore and did not give written testimony.

Another Incident On June 28

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Who are the famous June 28 birthdays?

Lucien Victor, Belgian cyclist (d. 1995)
1946 David Duckham, English rugby player
Mike Skinner, American race car driver
Jeff Malone, American basketball player and coach
Gil Bellows, Canadian actor and producer
Mike White, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1974 Miki Mizuno, Japanese actress
1983 Maui Taylor, English-Filipino model, actress, and singer
Markiplier, American YouTuber

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