Florida Man Birthday August 12

Not knowing exactly what he was doing, a Florida man was yelling “Take me to jail” at the cops as he drove on the main road with his lawnmower.

A Florida man who was obviously extremely drunk by his actions was caught driving a lawnmower on the main road. After he was caught, he began begging the police officer to “take me to jail”.

According to the news made by Newsweek, a Florida man named Paul Burke was arrested on August 5th on the charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). In a Facebook post shared by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, they stated that he had previously had three different DUI charges.

Everything was clear in the video footage of the event. Extremely drunk, Burke was trying to drive a lawnmower on Highway 316 in Fort McCoy, 100 miles north of Orlando City. Meanwhile, he was followed by Deputy Richard Jentsch.

Deputy Sheriff Jentsch pulled over Burke, who was trying to ride the lawnmower. Then he asked him how drunk he was. Burke said he was “a little” drunk and was trying to get home. Then he asked if he would be jailed.

As can be seen in the video footage, Burke was staggering during the sobriety exercises. Tired of the exercises, Burke vehemently refused to do the exercises. Instead, he agreed to be jailed. He told the deputy sheriff, “I’m not going to do that, you can put me in jail.”

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Who are the famous August 12 birthdays?

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Bryan Pata, American football player (d. 2006)

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