Florida Man Bİrthday September 25

Florida man arrested after his 4-year-old daughter told police: “My father was shooting”

Hector Reyes, 26, from Miami, Florida, got into a verbal argument with a man. Reyes was questioned on the grounds that he had fired following a verbal argument.. Although Reyes tried to deny the charges, he was arrested when his 4-year-old daughter told police that her father had been shot.

According to the information obtained about the incident, Reyes was visiting his family with his daughter and her daughter’s mother at the time of the incident. Reyes and her brother-in-law got into an argument with a man who allegedly made obscene gestures towards Reyes’ daughter’s mother.

After a short argument, Reyes, her daughter and her mother got into a car. Witnesses said that as Reyes got into the car, he began shooting at the man he was arguing with. A few minutes after this incident, the police chased the car.

After a very short chase, Reyes’ car was pulled over by the police. As the police questioned Reyes, her daughter suddenly said, “Daddy was shooting.” said. Reyes and the girl’s mother were shocked after these words.

The girl’s mother immediately denied what her daughter said. She expressed that she had no idea why her daughter said such a thing. The woman, who seemed to panic for a while, stated that she might have said such a thing because the girl was constantly talking about the cops.

Reyes was arrested for aggravated assault with a weapon and possession of a deadly weapon. In addition, four times severe child abuse without major bodily harm was added to the charges. Despite this, Reyes claims that he did not fire a gun in any way.

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