Florida Man Birthday March 8

A retired Florida police officer admits that he disturbed social peace.

A newly retired man from the Cape Coral area has been keeping his former colleagues a bit busy. He got into an argument with a woman at a clothing store on Hancock Bridge Parkway. During the argument, he lost control and caused some disturbance.

63-year-old Gary Lookman went shopping at a clothing store on Hancock Bridge Parkway. All he needed was to buy a simple t-shirt and leave. Even though he liked a t-shirt, he couldn’t buy it because he encountered an unexpected problem..

There was only one t-shirt available for purchase. The store employee stated that the t-shirt was reserved for another customer. He said that he could sell the product if the customer decided not to buy it. Thereupon, an answer was requested from the relevant customer.

The person who wanted to buy the product was a woman. When she arrived at the store, she misunderstood and tried to attack Lookman. Even though the store staff tried to explain the situation, the woman did not pay any attention to anything because she was very angry.

Lookman tried not to respond to the woman, things got out of hand when the woman swore too much. Lookman pushed the woman to get out of his way. Meanwhile, the woman stumbled, lost her balance and hit the shelves, and suddenly there was blood everywhere.

The woman was quickly taken to the hospital. The police announced that they would further the investigation by taking footage from the store. The woman’s condition was good and her life was not in danger. Lookman apologized for disturbing social peace.

The woman did not complain about Lookman. The police announced that everything happened due to a misunderstanding. Lookman was very upset about this incident in the first days of his retirement. But since there was no complaint, the case was closed.

Another Incident On March 8

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Who are the famous March 8 birthdays?

Charlotte Whitton, Canadian journalist and politician, 46th Mayor of Ottawa (d. 1975)
1939 Lynn Seymour, Canadian ballerina and choreographer
Antonello Venditti, Italian singer-songwriter
1951 Phil Edmonds, Zambian-English cricketer and businessman
1955 Don Ashby, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1981)
Kurt Mollekens, Belgian race car driver
1982 Craig Stansberry, American baseball player
1988 Benny Blanco, American rapper and producer
Devon Werkheiser, American actor and singer

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