Florida Man Birthday September 28

A Florida man killed his girlfriend and buried her next to his caravan but was arrested after being tipped off

A Florida man from Polk County, Florida has been accused of killing and burying a girl. That wasn’t the only accusation made against him. He was also accused of attacking the deputy sheriff who wanted to arrest him for the incident.

Jason Robinson’s murder was personally reported to the police by Robinson’s mother. The mother, who contacted the Auburndale Police Department around 8:30 pm, stated that her son had committed a murder. According to information from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Robinson had told his mother everything. She said he killed his girlfriend.

A deputy sheriff from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office acted quickly to reach the caravan where the couple was staying. The deputy sheriff wanted to do an ID check to make sure everything was okay here. Robinson gave the deputy sheriff a false name and date of birth. However, the deputy sheriff recognized Robinson from his photograph.

The deputy sheriff then tried to arrest the 37-year-old Robinson. Robinson attacked the deputy sheriff as he tried to put on the handcuffs. He managed to pull out the deputy’s radio and Taser. After that, he tried to strangle the deputy sheriff.

Two people who noticed the incident came to the rescue of the deputy sheriff and helped put Robinson in handcuffs. Other deputies arriving on the scene noticed two chairs and a small table resting on a pallet next to the caravan door.

Sheriff’s deputies searched around the caravan and found the dead woman’s body under the pallet.

Robinson was arrested for first-degree murder, possession of a firearm, attempting to destroy evidence and battering a law enforcement officer.

Another Incident On September 28

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