Florida Man Birthday September 9

A Florida man tried to plant a banana tree in the middle of the road because he was tired of potholes.

Overwhelmed by potholes near his office in Fort Myers, Florida, a Florida man tried to get attention by planting a banana tree in one of the potholes. In his statement, he stated that he resorted to this action “just to tell drivers to be careful”.

The person planting a tree in the middle of the road was a man named Bryan Raymond. He wanted to warn drivers with a banana tree he planted in the middle of the road south of the Fort Myers area. Bryan Raymond, owner of Progress and Pride Fitness Group, said he was tired of constantly filling the pits with cement and decided to plant trees this time.

According to the information received from the district officials, it was learned that the maintenance works belong to the owners of the business, since the road is a private street. Bryan Raymond had done a pretty remarkable repair by planting a banana tree. He stated that he didn’t want anyone to go into the pits and he used something easy to spot to prevent this.

Security cameras belonging to Bryan Raymond were sufficient to prove the pothole and garbage problems on the street in question. It was clearly seen that there were many different problems on the street, including flood waters. Frequent street users seemed to agree that anything would be better than potholes.

A resident named Scott Shein said he “likes the idea of ​​a banana tree and they should have more”. Underlining that the banana tree is a clear message, Scott Shein said that too many vehicles on the street got into the potholes and this is a worrying situation.

Charlie Lopez, another local resident, agreed. Stating that tires and rims often fail due to potholes, Charlie Lopez claimed that these are enough to ruin a day. John Hulker and others like him admitted that they were quite surprised when they saw a tree in the middle of the road.

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Who are the famous September 9 birthdays?

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