Florida Man Birthday September 26

Florida man arrested after pouring 350 pounds of concrete in protected wildlife area

A rancher from Monroe County, Florida, was arrested Wednesday, September 23, for pouring concrete into a protected wildlife area.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office released a brief statement regarding the incident. In the published statement, it was stated that 26-year-old Pedro Vasquez was accused of throwing garbage in the environment.

A deputy sheriff from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office took offense at the tip-off. The reports stated that someone had illegally dumped construction materials in an area.

When the deputy sheriff arrived on the scene, he found three concrete piles in a grassy area near mangroves, which are protected by various state and local regulations in Florida.

Some of the concrete poured in the relevant area was poured directly in front of the signs written “wildlife and environmental area”. The deputy sheriff then went to the nearby construction crew and asked who was responsible. After a short investigation, it was revealed that Vasquez had poured 350 pounds of concrete.

Another Incident On September 26

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Who are the famous September 26 birthdays?

John Rankine, Welsh author (d. 2013)
1961 Ken Mitsuishi, Japanese actor
Marianne Mikko, Estonian journalist and politician
Oliver Peyton, Irish businessman
Lawrence Leritz, American actor, singer, and dancer
Dave Martinez, American baseball player and coach
John Tempesta, American drummer (White Zombie, Helmet, Testament, The Cult, and Scum of the Earth)
Nicki French, English singer and dancer
Anthony Kavanagh, Canadian comedian, actor, and singer

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