Florida Man Birthday January 6

BRADENTON, FLORIDA (CMC National Content Desk) – Florida police announced that a
thief who broke into a house last week was looking for the suspect after sucking the fingers
of the sleeping man in the house.

The incident took place in a house in Bradenton, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s
Office. According to police information, in the incident before Christmas night, the reason the
man entered the house was to suck his toes. The landlord caught the man entering the
house on the tip of his finger.

The landlord told the deputies of the sheriff that the attacker was armed. After the fight that
took place at home, the attacker broke the windows of the house and the window of the
house owner’s car.

According to the information released from the Bradenton Herald and WTSP, the police did
not make any statements about the incident.

Who are the famous January 6 birthdays?

Godfrey Edward Arnold, Austrian-American physician and academic (d. 1989)
1930 W. Wallace Cleland, American biochemist and educator (d. 2013)
1932 Stuart A. Rice, American chemist and academic
1935 Queen Margarita of Bulgaria
1940 Penny Lernoux, American journalist and author (d. 1989)
Rolf M. Zinkernagel, Swiss immunologist and academic; Nobel Prize laureate
1959 Kapil Dev, Indian cricketer and coach
1978 Casey Fossum, American baseball player
Kishan Shrikanth, Indian actor and director

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