Florida Man Birthday September 1

Florida man detained after being accused of assaulting a hotel employee with a machete

The incident took place in Orange County, Florida. A Florida man was detained after a hotel employee reported to the police. According to the information the hotel employee gave to the police, the man was carrying a machete. He used the machete he was carrying to threaten an Econo Lodge employee.

According to a statement by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect named Michael Wilson chose to stay at a hotel. The hotel he stayed in was on International Drive, which is considered a commercial area. For those who don’t know, this is an area where big entertainment brands show up.

Michael Wilson wanted to spend a few days at a motel located in the International Drive area which was affiliated with the Econo Lodge company. There was a completely different reason behind Wilson’s request. Wilson wanted to inquire about another person at this motel.

According to reports produced by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Wilson consulted one of the hotel employees for information about another person staying at the motel. When the hotel employee said it was against the rules and that he couldn’t provide information about another customer, Wilson started threatening the employee.

Realizing that threats alone could not work, Wilson pulled out a machete and began to wave it at the hotel employee. The employee was confused at first what to do. Realizing that Wilson was a dangerous person, he managed to find a way to escape instead of succumbing to the threats and giving the man extra information.

The Econo Lodge employee, who managed to escape from Wilson’s machete, made sure that he felt safe and called 911 for help. Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene and took Wilson into custody. Wilson is now facing with attempted murder charges.

Another Incident On September 1

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Who are the famous September 1 birthdays?

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1922 Vittorio Gassman, Italian actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2000)
Gene Colan, American illustrator (d. 2011)
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Hwang Jung-min, South Korean actor and singer
Burn Gorman, American-English actor
Clinton Portis, American football player
Juliana Lohmann, Brazilian actress
Louise delos Reyes, Filipino actress

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