Florida Man Birthday May 1

A Florida man stabbed his roommate and then himself, thinking he was the devil.

SANFORD, FLORIDA – A Florida man stabbed himself after stabbing his roommate in the chest, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office statement. The man claimed that he did all this to free the devil.

Authorities responded to a call for a stabbing at the Vista Haven Apartment in Geranium Lane on Wednesday. According to the report, when authorities arrived at the call, they found a person with stab wounds and a man who had stabbed himself.

25-year-old Joseph Dolash was detained while hurting himself with a knife. While resisting the authorities, Dolash said, “The devil will come out of the wound I have made. The devil is still inside me, he hasn’t come out yet, you’ll see.” Falling to the ground, Dolash’s last words were “If I can’t speak, the devil will kill me.”

Authorities, upon examination, determined that the person with Dolash, who had a stab wound to his chest, was his roommate. When Dolash was asked about his friend, he said, “I can’t say he’s the devil.”

Examining Dolash’s home, officials found bloodstains on the wall and floor. They also found a knife covered in blood.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. He told the authorities that Dolash had stabbed his throat with a knife and cut him several times. According to reviews, Dolash said before stabbing his friend, “There’s a demon in you, you need to get it out.”

According to another report, Dolash told his friend to exorcise the demon by sucking the blood after cutting his wrist.

Witnesses said the crime weapon was still in his chest when Dolash and his friend came out of the apartment.

Dolash was arrested on charges of first degree willful murder, sexual assault and assault. He is held without bail in Seminole County Prison.

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Who are the famous May 1 birthdays?

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1908 Morris Kline, American mathematician and academic (d. 1992)
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Earl Va’a, New Zealand rugby player
1973 Mike Jesse, German footballer
1976 Violante Placido, Italian actress and singer
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