Florida Man Birthday January 15

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA (AP) – A 27-year-old man from Florida crashed into a vehicle
on Interstate 95, causing an accident. The man stole another man’s vehicle that was
standing to help the accident.

Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Kim Montes stated that a man named Zachary Searls had
an accident Monday night. Searls’ vehicle crashed into the van in front of him, hit the tree
and caught fire.

52-year-old Felix Coffman, who passed the scene, stopped to assist in the accident. Searls
got into Coffman’s vehicle and drove away, according to Lieutenant Montes.

Volusia County sheriff’s deputies found the stolen vehicle outside Searls’ house after a while
and arrested and arrested Searls. Searls was accused of vehicle theft, causing an accident,
escaping from non-violent cops, and driving without a license.

Searls, who has no lawyer, is being held on $ 6,000 bail.

Who are the famous January 15 birthdays?

Philip Livingston, American merchant and politician (d. 1778)
1890 Michiaki Kamada, Japanese Vice-Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy and convicted war criminal (d. 1947)
1892 Rex Ingram, Irish actor, director, and producer (d. 1950)
1898 Erik Byléhn, Swedish runner (d. 1986)
1909 Gene Krupa, American drummer, composer, and actor (d. 1973)
Maurice Herzog, French mountaineer and politician, French Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports (d. 2012)
1923 Rukmani Devi, Sri Lankan singer and actress (d. 1978)
1930 Eddie Graham, American wrestler (d. 1985)
Regina King, American actress, director, and producer

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  1. You might like to also add Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday on January 15th, 1929.

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