Florida Man Birthday May 31

A Florida man who committed suicide accidentally killed his friend and dog in the room.

TAMARAC, Florida (AP) -A man who wanted to kill himself drove his car into the garage and accidentally killed both his friend and his dog, sheriff’s deputies said.

According to Broward Sheriff’s Spokesperson Gina Carter, “A man was found dead in the garage on Wednesday morning, carrying a suicide note with him. According to the investigations, the other man and the dog died from poisoning due to carbon monoxide fumes released from the car. “The death of the other man and the dog appears to be an accident,” he said.

The names of the dead men were not released.

Officials evacuated other houses in the surrounding area. Other people did not need any treatment.

Another Incident On May 31

Florida Man Threatened To Stab Dinner Host Over Easter Ham Consumption

Who are the famous May 31 birthdays?

Jean-Pierre Christin, French physicist, mathematician, and astronomer, invented the Celsius thermometer (d. 1755)
1887 Saint-John Perse, French poet and diplomat, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1975)
Julian Beck, American actor and director (d. 1986)
Tommy Emmanuel, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Dragon)
1965 Yoko Soumi, Japanese voice actress
Adrian Tomine, American author and illustrator
1981 Mikael Antonsson, Swedish footballer
1990 Erik Karlsson, Swedish ice hockey player
Milka-Emilia Pasanen, Finnish tennis player

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