Florida Man Birthday October 20

Police convicted a Florida man based on body camera footage

The event took place during the Capitol Riot. A Florida man was attacking the police, according to footage from the police body camera. After the investigations, the identity of the Florida man was determined. After being identified, the man himself, his sister and cousin were charged with assaulting the police.

Body camera footage of the attacks on police during the Capitol Riot was released by the FBI. The video clearly showed a man attacking the police. The man was learned to be from Central Florida. An indictment has been filed against the Florida man regarding the Capitol Riot attacks on January 6.

According to media reports, Jonathan Pollock, who lives in the Lakeland area, has been wanted by the police since June. According to the indictment, Pollock is charged with assaulting multiple police officers with a deadly weapon. Moreover, the names of his sister and cousin are also mentioned in the indictment.

In a body camera video released by the Metropolitan Police Department, Pollock was seen wearing camouflage and joining the rioters. Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building to ignore the 2020 election results. According to the footage, Pollock was there that day, attacking the cops on the steps.

On-camera footage showed Pollock taking a riot shield from a police officer’s hand. Then, he attacked the police line with the shield he took and attacked the policemen with a shield. Even if Pollock said he was innocent, the footage presented by law enforcement showed the opposite.

Pollock was one of 70 Florida residents charged in connection with the Capitol Riot. Jonathan Pollock, his sister Olivia Pollock, and cousin Joshua Doolin were charged with an indictment in July. After the indictment was served to the parties, Doolin was fired from his emergency duty in Polk County. All the accused think they are innocent.

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