Florida Man Birthday May 27

A Florida man is accused of kicking a chicken

According to the authorities’ statement, a man who did not “hit the ball” to the chicken broke all four of the chicken’s ribs.

According to a statement from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, 43-year-old Nicholas Kevin Chew was arrested on Monday for animal cruelty.

In the Miami Herald report, Chew told authorities that he kicked the chicken and was disturbed by the sound of the chicken.

The incident took place in Marathon on March 22. According to the newspaper’s statement, the sheriff’s office received a call for a local debate. Sgt. When Joel Slough arrived on the scene, Chew’s girlfriend was angry with Chew for kicking the chicken and hurting her.

“Chew said he kicked the chicken and was disturbed by the sound of it,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. According to a witness, Chew didn’t kick the chicken like hitting a soccer ball.

Slough found a Rhode Island chicken standing on one leg and breathing hard at the scene. The chicken was taken to Marathon Veterinary Hospital by Animal Control officers. After the checks, it turned out that four of the chicken’s ribs were broken.

The chicken was returned to its owner after being taken to the Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

According to WTVJ, the owner of the chicken will bring an accusation against the man. Chew, who will appear in court on June 11, is being held on $10,000 bail.

Another Incident On May 27

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Who are the famous May 27 birthdays?

Julia Ward Howe, American poet and songwriter (d. 1910)
1879 Hans Lammers, German judge and politician (d. 1962)
Johannes Türn, Estonian chess and draughts player (d. 1993)
Marcel Masse, Canadian educator and politician, 29th Canadian Minister of National Defence (d. 2014)
Anthony A. Hyman, Israeli-English biologist and academic
Paul Gascoigne, English footballer, coach, and manager
1970 Tim Farron, English educator and politician
1975 Jadakiss, American rapper (The Lox)
Nadine Beiler, Austrian singer

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