Florida Man Birthday February 16

MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA (RNN) – Cops chased a man taking a backhoe for a drive on the famous 7-Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys. He threw rocks at the police during a 90-minute ride.

Becky Herrin, a spokesperson for the Monroe County Sheriff’s office, said the man named Carl Blahnik caused damage to the bridge and road.

The authorities chasing Blahnik on February 16 then fled from him because he changed direction. However, the authorities lowered the spikes on the bridge and caught the fleeing man.

Carl Blahnik is accused of various crimes such as vehicle theft, damaging the environment, assaulting with a deadly but not killing weapon, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license.

Another Incident On February 16:

Noisy Sex Triggers Brawl Between Florida Brothers Who Still Live With Their Mom

Who are the famous February 16 birthdays?

Edward Sheriff Curtis, American photographer (d. 1952)
1901 Wayne King, American singer-songwriter and conductor (d. 1985)
1920 Anna Mae Hays, American general
1943 Howard Riley, English pianist and composer
1970 Angelo Peruzzi, Italian footballer
Jerome Bettis, American football player and sportscaster
1976 Joe Odagiri, Japanese actor and singer
1977 Ian Clarke, Irish-American computer scientist, founded Freenet
Paulo Jorge Sousa Vieira, Portuguese footballer

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