Florida Man Birthday August 27

A Florida man drove a person to death on Interstate 95.

Miami Gardens, Florida – A Florida man is charged with crashing two cars while driving in the wrong direction on a highway in Miami Gardens. The life of a passenger traveling in one of the cars is in danger.

A man named Irwin Rockwell has been accused of driving in the wrong direction on Interstate 95 and causing the death of another, Florida highway patrol officers said in a statement.

“Some people saw him making a u-turn on Interstate 95 and driving south in a northbound lane,” said FHP Lieutenant Alex Camacho.

The accident caused by Irwin Rockwell happened on the express lane near the Golden Glades Junction at around 5 am on Tuesday.

According to FHP officials, a Rockwell Subaru SUV crashed into the vehicle and went over the wall. The vehicle that Rockwell hit fell from a height of 300 feet and caught fire.

“The driver was said to have died in the burning car,” Camacho said. The victim’s body could not be identified due to the severe burns. However, he was known to be male.

Ed Gonzalez, who was in the passenger seat of the crashed and burning vehicle, miraculously survived and was taken to the safe zone by a local police officer. Gonzalez was taken to the Ryder trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital and was declared critical.

Speaking to Local 10 News about Gonzalez’s condition, Liana Socuhet’s niece said, “She has now had her fourth surgery and the fight for her life continues.”

Gonzalez’s family prays for him to hold on to life.

“No family expects that,” said his father, William Gonzalez. William is a father who loves his son very much and prays for him. “Even if he doesn’t come out of the surgery like before, we will look after him again, our family love requires it,” he said.

“I’m grateful to the man who saved him,” Gonzalez’s son, Adam Gonzalez, also told Local 10 News.

Rockwell survived, but he also has serious injuries.

Rockwell was taken to prison in handcuffs by fhp officers on Thursday. Meanwhile, Rockwell’s injuries were evident and he was wearing a neck brace.

Rockwell’s charge was for murder by vehicle. However, his charge could turn into murder with a DUI vehicle after the toxicology report. Some officers heard Rockwell’s words, “You were late last night.” After investigating, they found a beer bottle in Rockwell’s vehicle and found marijuana.

Rockwell’s trial is requested to be moved to Monday as there may be additional charges. According to a lawyer present at the courthouse, Rockwell had been interrogated once or twice for dui reasons.

Rockwell is held without bail until his scheduled hearing on Monday.

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1970 Mark Ilott, English cricketer
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