Florida Man Birthday May 2

A Florida man in a blue bonnet and floral dress stole 28 packages of baby food from Publix.

A Florida man got into the car after stealing 28 packages of baby food in a blue bonnet, floral dress, black jacket, tennis shoes.

Cape Coral police want to find the man dressed as described at the Cape Coral Publix on Saturday. The man said he fit the description of a suspect who had previously been involved in similar crimes in North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, Naples and Punta Gorda.

Authorities responded to a call from Publix at Midpoint Center on Santa Barbara Avenue that the man in his 50s had been caught on camera.

The caller said the man had stolen 28 boxes of Enfamil food and hid them in his suit. The food was worth more than $450.

Another Incident On May 2

Florida Man Tries To Swim Away From Police After Exposing Himself

Who are the famous May 2 birthdays?

Norma Aleandro, Argentinian actress, director, and screenwriter
1961 Steve James, English snooker player
Pandora Boxx, American drag queen performer and singer
Jenna von Oÿ, American actress and singer
Mike Weaver, Canadian ice hockey player
Johan Botha, South African cricketer
1983 Daniel Sordo, Spanish race car driver
1987 Kris Russell, Canadian ice hockey player
Jeong Jinwoon, South Korean actor and singer (2AM)


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