Florida Man Birthday April 2

Florida man who allegedly had Covid-19 spat in the face of the police.

st. According to a statement from the St. Petersburg Police Department, a Florida man said he had Covid-19 after spitting in the face of a sergeant in the department.

Police officers went to a home on Saturday after the contact ban was violated in a domestic violence case in which James Jamal Curry was also named.

According to the officers’ description, Curry was aggressive and belligerent. He had trouble getting into the police car and three police officers had to use pepper spray on him. After Curry was inside the vehicle, he started kicking the rear windows.

A sergeant in the vehicle wanted to stop Curry. Curry spat in the sergeant’s face and said he did it intentionally, despite his sworn statement being a Covid-19 positive patient. Also, Curry was featured on the recording saying, “I know where you live, I will find you and kill you.”

Police stated that the crime was committed during Pinellas County’s pandemic containment period.

James Jalam Curry was arrested for threatening a police officer, violating the quarantine restriction, and resisting a police officer with violence.

Another Incident On April 4

Florida Man Threatened To Stab Dinner Host Over Easter Ham Consumption

Who are the famous April 4 birthdays?

Roy Masters, English-American radio host
1934 Carl Kasell, American journalist and game show host
Roshan Seth, Indian-English actor
Anne Waldman, American poet
1946 Judith Ann Lanzinger, American jurist
Michael Panes, American actor and singer
1979 Stian Westerhus, Norwegian guitarist (Puma)
1980 Adam Fleming, Scottish journalist
Ellen Adarna, Filipino model and actress

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