Florida Man Birthday May 15

The man who slapped his girlfriend with a cheeseburger and then pushed him down the stairs has been arrested.

A Florida man started a fight with his girlfriend this month and slapped her with a cheeseburger.

Kyle Jamison Jones, 30, assaulted his girlfriend on May 4, according to a post shared by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

The woman who was attacked said she was pushed down the stairs by Jones with her hair pulled. When the police arrived on the scene, the woman looked quite distraught and explained that there were pieces of food on her body.

Jones claimed that he had a verbal argument with his girlfriend, but not a physical fight. Jones was accused of domestic violence and was arrested. He is currently incarcerated in Martin County.

Another Incident On May 15

Florida man runs from deputies in General Lee replica. He is accused of setting fire to his ex-wife’s house, then leading deputies on a two-county chase.

Who are the famous May 15 birthdays?

Lenny Welch, American singer
1968 Seth Putnam, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Anal Cunt, Post Mortem, and Siege) (d. 2011)
Alison Jackson, English photographer, director, and screenwriter
Ben Wallace, English captain and politician
Martin Rossiter, Welsh singer-songwriter (Gene)
Danny Alexander, Scottish politician, Secretary of State for Scotland
1979 Ryan Max Riley, American skier
1986 Thomas Brown, American football player
Leonardo Mayer, Argentinian tennis player

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