Florida Man Birthday December 14

After stealing Pepsi, a Florida man smashed the gas station door and tried to escape

The incident took place in Mulberry, Polk County. A Florida man wanted to take Pepsi from the gas station and run without paying. While trying to escape, he came across a closed door. Then he tried to escape by breaking the gas station door. Deputies who arrived at the scene arrested the man after a while.

Acting on a tip from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the deputies went to the Citgo gas station in Mulberry. The report they received was about theft. A man had stolen a Pepsi and smashed the door and fled. When the deputy sheriffs examined the camera records, they got clearer information about the incident.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office shared footage from the gas station on social media. Gabriel Tillman, 49, came to the Citgo gas station to take Pepsi and wanted to get out without paying. Meanwhile, when the cashier realized that the man was going to run away without paying, he locked the door.

Tillman then made an effort to open the locked door. The door was locked, but the man had no intention of giving up. The man pushed the door first and kicked it. Then he stepped back and slammed his shoulder against the door. As a last resort, he took the fire extinguisher and threw it towards the glass door.

Tillman looked like he was going to try many other things to open the door. The cashier didn’t want any further damage to the store, so he opened the door. When the door opened, Tillman left the gas station with Pepsi in his hand. The cashier then called 911 to report the situation.

After a tip-off to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the deputies arrived at the Mulberry gas station. After they took the camera records, they started an investigation around. Tillman hadn’t walked away after stealing Pepsi. He decided to sit down and have a drink.

Sheriff’s deputies detained Tillman and conducted his interrogation. Tillman faced charges of fire extinguisher theft, petty theft, and criminal mischief. Tillman is being held on $1,500 bail and could be released if he pays the bail. But it is unclear whether he can do this.

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