Florida Man Birthday July 4

A Florida man found a way to circumvent the fireworks ban by acting strangely late at night.

A Florida man came up with his own answer to the controversial fireworks issue on the 4th of July. According to NBC News’ WLWT’s statement, people living in Florida are disturbed by the sound of fireworks in the early hours of the morning and do not understand the reason for the issue.

People living in Cape Coral, Florida said they heard the voice of a man shouting “Boom!” Last week, they said they heard sounds such as “bottle rocket!” and “fireworks” around 03:00 at night. Sara Warnecke also shared video footage of the shouting man. The man is thought to have protested the out-of-control fireworks violations last year. Neither people nor people’s pets are dissatisfied with this man’s behavior.

“This guy was yelling when we came out,” Wenecke said. Our dogs in our homes were barking. The man was shouting very loudly.” Many residents, like Wernecke, demanded that the man shut up, but the man continued to play with fireworks.

Some residents thought the man was protesting the fireworks restrictions. The fireworks ban was lifted only three days a year in Cape Coral. When the fireworks used in these three days made a loud noise, the police could intervene.

According to some residents, the man was trying to break this rule by screaming. Cape Coral Police Department Chief Physician Phil Mullen said, “It’s also against our regulations for the man to make noise by pretending to be fireworks.”

Whatever the purpose of the man pretending to shout fireworks, uncertainty will continue as he is not the perpetrator. Reporters wanted to talk to the residents of the neighborhood, but no one wanted to give information. The residents of the neighborhood are now complaining about the man as much as they complained about the fireworks in the past.

The topic of fireworks is a hot topic in the United States of America every summer, and it was common during the covid-19 outbreak in 2020. Phantom Fireworks has an informational page on its website that states the fireworks laws that apply in the states.

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